Artist Statement

"Color satisfies the eye, line satisfies the mind" 

The Drawing Series expresses my love for line, shape and the mark of a tool on a surface. Compositions inspired by nature and human made structures inform work that is expressed through minimalism and abstraction. Shadows, light, architecture, all of these become subjects to reinterpret, simplify and incorporate into my work.

By using a strong, industrial primer on formed metal I can sand and prepare the surface to a smooth, satin finish, almost silk-like to the touch.  The strength of the paint allows me to carve through, as well as draw on, the surface. A chemical patina enhances the contrast.

Recent explorations into powder-coating have introduced bold color to the work. Sheets of color are prepared in advance, then cut and assembled using cold-connection techniques. All of the work in this series explores new technologies while using traditional metalsmithing and jewelry techniques.